Datum Free Відгуки

crashed on first use

I set up one database, set the password and quit. Upon reopening, the application froze.Used Forcequit, started it up again with same results. It is in the trash.


Very good and helpful.

Does the job

Lets me do what I need to do, and the price is right. Soon, when I have to do more with my databases I’ll upgrade to the full version. Great product.

Amazing for the price tag

This is one of the best free database tools out there. Granted, I am only using the app a few times a month, but I have used many DB tools in the past. This one is comprable in features to most non-free ones out there. I would definitely recommend it.

Not Optimized for all screens.

The only problem I have with this app, is that the app doesn’t play well with my screen size. I have a 13 “ macbook pro and every time I pull the extra options ( the ellipsis symbol), the menu enlarges itself way past my screen limits. No matter what size the app window, it always has this problem.

It’s about as good as free gets.

Are there better database browsers? Of course. But I can’t think of a free one that’s easier to use, quicker to open, or more pleasing to the eye.

The Best!

I downloaded a few similar Apps, and found this one does its job the best! Thank you!

Nags to upgrade to the paid version when opening a DB

Okayish SQLite viewer, but nags to upgrade to the paid version when opening a DB. A very annoying habit.

Won’t Let Me Edit, Right Out Of The Box

Downloaded this for the first time ever. As soon as I open an existing database, it drops a sheet telling me to UPGRADE NOW! When I tell it “no” (because I downloaded the free version to evaluate it and compare it with Base, which I’ve been using for a few years), every menu / button that lets me edit the schema is disabled. Further, I have no idea what the “Untitled” tab it opens is for, or really, what any of the tabs are for. The whole thing seems confusing, buggy, ill-conceived, and for that reason I don’t trust it as a dev tool.

Great for my purpose

I can’t say much about this tool as I have just used it to look into a SQLite DB created by Apple’s CoreData while developing an iPad app. For my purpose however it has been a great tool that has done its purpose well. The app seems to be easily understandable and it’s easy to use. Thanks to Carl for making it available to us.

Pretty good

It’s nice to see a free version of an sqlite gui that allows more than read only access, so props for that. I hate complaining about free software, however there are a couple issues that make using this software hard. 1. Autocomplete is a disaster, the autocomplete works, but the box never dismisses unless you select something from it, even then sometimes stays open blocking the view. I wish there was a way to turn it off as it currently hurts more than helps. 2. Search box needs to take a timed approach or move the processing to a thread so the interface doesn’t have to wait. As soon as you type anything it begins searching and blocks you from typing so you have to wait between each letter. 3. Not as big of an issue, but still annoying. In data view, or viewing results from a query. If you have a long text field with a lot of data, it expands the whole fields height so you can view it all. This should be collapsible (maybe even make that a preference). I admit it is nice in some cases, like when you are looking at a single record. But when looking through a lot of records, it makes it hard.

Very good

This app is very easy to use, has all basic and useful functions. Perfomance is good, even if your table has 25000 rows.

very disappointing

It has an attractive interface but doesn’t get the job done for me. The Firefox add-on SQLite Manager is more capable. I purchased the import/export functionality only to find that it can’t be configured. It wanted to put all of my tab-delimited columns into the first column of the table.

Gets the job done, beautifully.

Sexy, handles millions of rows with no problems, perfect for managing my sqlite databases.

Keeps crashing

After the latest update it just keeps crashing.


Greatful for the update. Contacted the developer about some issues i was seeing and here are the fixes. Thanks!


Great editor. Love the new features. best free one i’ve found.

Don’t upgrade

User can’t manipulate table with the newest version. Developer never mention about it. He lied all of users.

New Version Removes Row Deleting

6.x removes Row Deleting and demands payment for advertised feature. Upgraded without realizing that Row Deletes would be disabled. Beware!

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